Walking or hiking with a baby needs careful planning, going for a walk or a hike without planning will make unprepared for some things that may arise. We have listed some things to do before and while on the walk.

Before You Go

You should plan your route. You should know how far the walk is to get there and you should know what terrain there is to so that you will bring the best stroller to use also if you plan to bring one. If you want to check what is the best stroller for all terrain you can go here https://comparingstrollers.com.

You should also know how long it takes you to get there, include feeding stops and rests. You should also pinpoint designated exits if an emergency arises. You should also walk with somebody else for safety reasons but if you choose to walk alone you can do that, but you should know the nearest civilization if you ran into a problem

You also know how to get there. Having a baby on walks or hikes is a different story. It is not a great idea to walk to get to the starting point of the hike. Please check if you can ride on a bus or car to get to the starting point and also in the ending point. You should also check the weather and shelter in case it rains while you are walking.

You should pack the right things you need in your bag. Bring baby essentials such as nappies, baby food or milk, small first aid kit, extra baby clothes, sun hats and creams, a map, your charged phone and power bank and of course your camera.

You should wear the right clothes. Please bear in mind that you are bringing a baby with you so you should layer up, this will make you sweat in no time. Extra layers can help you and baby both warm. Another thing is you should wear a good pair of shoes with decent grip. This will protect you from slippery terrain especially when raining.

While on the Walk

Nappy changing, well this is unstoppable you but if this will happen to you while on your walk, you just need to change nappies. But if it can wait until you can get to the car then. If it cannot wait you can change in the go. Find a place where there is shelter or you can make an improvised one like a coat and make a tent to cover your baby below. You should bring your nappy changing kit with you and do the changing quickly, you do not want your baby to be exposed.