So, you are a huge fan of a team and you want to show your support and team spirit by decorating your living room with all things about your favorite sport or team, well we got you. This post will be dedicated to those fanatics and sports lovers brought to you by our sponsor a a great site on online casino bonus and promo codes.

Imagine how would your guest and co fanatic would react with how you turned your living room into a shrine of your beloved sport or team. It would sure be awesome!

Make a Choice

First and foremost, you should pick the base or the background color first. You should decide whether you want to use paint or just wall papers. The color will set the tone of the room and it will depend on the color of your favorite team. If you choose to do paint, you can highlight it later with wallpaper to make the look complete.

Next step is to add wall decors. This may range from posters, jerseys, pennants, framed pictures, stickers and others. Well the decor differs and depends on the sports that you like or better yet, you can put a scoreboard there. You can also consider putting a ledge where you can put helmets, baseball bats, hats and other collectibles you have collected.

Then you need to choose carpeting. You can choose a color that is close to your heart, perhaps the color of your team. You can also put a carpet that resembles a football pitch or a basketball court. Speaking of basketball court, if you are into NBA betting you can get the latest bonus codes through this post, get the full list here.

You can put a table that is sports-themed and can hold beverage and food for guests. And above all a flat screen TV, preferably 42 inch or higher. It should be located on the primary wall of the living room. Make sure that there is no furniture or anything that blocks the view.

And of course, you need lighting. You can add sports themed wall, floor and table lamps. You should choose a color that is suited to your sports or team color. As an option you can put a smaller screen on the other walls.