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So I’m Lazy- Is that a Crime?

January 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Or As I prefer to refer to it, Efficient!

We established in my last post that I don’t like doing things inefficiently. That’s why I don’t like to change the regular routine I use, because it makes me less efficient. (Look, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! )

Now let’s look at it from a web Marketing perspective:

Yesterday I signed up for new on Typepad.com. Typepad is a major blogging site with thousands of serious and not so serious blogs.

I’m setting up this new blog and I get to the bottom the page and find these three little boxes:

Typepad’s annoying little check boxes.

Now, you MUST click the “I agree to the Terms of Service” box. And then to no get their spam you WANT to un-check the “Please add me to your spam list.” Pretty standard stuff so far, right?

But the user name I had chosen the first time (there’s another chrisk out there somewhere?!?) was already taken. Ok, I’ll try the old standby (no I’m not telling you that one because then you’ll use it!). And then I click OK, three screens down at the bottom.

Now here’s where the lazy efficiency part comes in; when the error happened Typepad changed the three little boxes back to the way they started, and erased the password I’d typed in, twice. These two areas; the password & user name, and the three little boxes are three screens vertically apart, which is a bunch of scrolling.

So here’s what happens:

  1. Enter all of the info.
  2. Oops error User Name already taken- pick a new user name.
  3. Oops error, need to reenter password with new user name.
  4. Oops error, need to check little box and un-check the spam box.
  5. Oops error forgot to enter password (twice) again.
  6. Now very, very, carefully enter new user name, password (twice) and check little boxes and un-check the spam box.

Hearts and Minds image Uploaded on July 5, 2007 by by worak on Flickr

You’ve lost me Typepad. You’ve lost the battle for my heart and mind and I’m only on the second page of your website!

I’ve set up literally hundreds of online accounts with all manner of different web providers. As a web master/web marketing consultant I use a password manager program called Roboform (which is excellent!) with over 400 passwords in it right now. This is one of the most frustrating online tasks in my recent memory. I’d rather be at the DMV!

If I didn’t need to do the Typepad blog for a client I’d have left by step 4. Typepad- do you check how many people get errors on your sign-up page? Do you know how annoying it is to un-check your terms of service and re-check your spam list each time a NEW CLIENT tries to fill in your form?

So have you tried out the forms on your website recently? (Wait a sec while I check mine out real quick…. OK.)


Tell me about your most recent bad website visit issues.

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